TelNet is broadband internet service provider

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  • Always driven by Customer focus and excellent Customer service.

  • We connect you wirelessly to the whole World

  • Robust fiber optical and wireless Network to provide you with reliable and 24 hour service.

  • Location Independent, Island wide connection available.

  • Optical fiber broadband connection to the International global networks with lowest latency providing the highest and fastest bandwidth speeds.

  • Very fast transmission of your data enabled by the most modern technology

  • Customized Corporate solutions specifically designed to meet all your IT requirements.

  • Many value added services to help you fully optimize the use of your Internet.


Other Services

  • Establish ourselves as the biggest communication service providers in Vapi providing the highest possible standards of service in global connectivity, broadband Internet services, voice trafficking, corporate solution provision and on-line financial services Nationwide, while always striving to improve our exceptionally high levels of customer service